Mark Menzies welcomes Lytham station improvements


Fylde MP Mark Menzies said he was delighted to hear about plans to improve Lytham Railway Station in time for the forthcoming Lytham Festival.

The Member of Parliament paid a visit to the platform to learn more after a group of local businesspeople joined forces to raise the money to carry out the work.

The plans will see the concourse rejuvenated with new planters and signage brought in to improve the first impression for thousands of visitors to Lytham.

The group will work with Fylde Borough Council and other local organisations to ensure the station continues to receive the attention it deserves.

Following the visit, Mr Menzies said: “It is always great to see a community coming together to work on a project like this, which will benefit many, many people in the area.

“For a large number of people, the station is the first thing they see when they come into Lytham so I am always pleased to hear when improvements are being made.

“At the moment the station is looking pretty drab on the town side of the platform, especially since the opposite platform has benefitted from new community gardens.

“It is unfortunate that many of the stations on the South Fylde Line need upgrading, which is something I raised with the Transport Secretary when I met him recently to discuss some issues.

“I also made it clear that station upgrades must be a priority when the franchises are soon handed out to the companies which will run rail services in the north of England for the coming years.”



PICTURES: Mark Menzies MP with Fylde Borough Councillor Brenda Blackshaw, who is co-ordinating the refurbishment of Lytham Station

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