Mark Menzies welcomes new childcare assistance

FYLDE MP Mark Menzies today welcomed news that 60,000 parents in the North West will benefit from Government plans to double the amount of free childcare for working families.

The offer of 30 hours of free assistance per week during term time – worth around £5,000 a year – means more parents will be able to carry on working while bringing up a family.

Mr Menzies said: “Childcare costs can be a burden on family finances which prevents parents from returning to work once they have had children.

“We want to make it easier for those parents who do want to work to do so.

“That’s why we are going further than ever before to help with childcare costs, helping working families and giving people the opportunity to continue in employment while raising a family.”

The latest of a raft of Government reforms to improve the lives of working families across Britain, the new assistance means all three and four-year-olds in working families will be eligible for 1,140 hours of free childcare per year – twice the current entitlement.

Mr Menzies added: “Doubling free childcare will make a real difference to 60,000 parents in the North West.

“While some parents may not wish to return to work after having children, many do but currently feel constrained by the cost of childcare.

“This new assistance will mean they are able to return to work if they choose – while at the same time holding on to more of their hard-earned money.”

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