Mark Menzies welcomes plans for Healthy New Town in Fylde

FYLDE MP Mark Menzies said he was delighted a planned housing development close to the M55 motorway has been named an NHS-backed “Healthy New Town”.

The 1,400 home Whyndyke Farm scheme is one of ten developments chosen by Public Health England from 114 applicants to form part of the new programme.

The overall project will see the NHS help shape the way these new sites develop, so as to test creative solutions for the health and care challenges of the 21st century, including in areas such as dementia, obesity and community cohesion.

NHS England will bring together health professionals with designers and technology experts to reimagine how healthcare can be delivered in these places, to showcase what is possible by joining up design of the built environment with modern health services and to deploy new models of care.

Following the announcement, Mr Menzies said: “I certainly welcome this proposal and look forward to seeing the detailed plans for Whyndyke Farm.

“Too often when you see modern developments they can be over-intensive with too many homes crammed into a space which is too small. I hope this news means we do not have to worry about that being the case when the plans are submitted for Whyndyke.

“I would like to see this development be a beacon of innovative design which promotes healthy outlook and lifestyle for those living there. There should be wide streets and plenty of open spaces where people feel they have room to breathe and exercise.

“I was extremely interested in the ideas which have been put forward, including creating fast food-free zones near schools, designing safe and appealing green spaces, building dementia-friendly streets and ensuring people on these sites can access new GP services using digital technology.

“Where you live can really have an effect on your physical and mental health and I believe that by bringing together planning and health the Government is showing really innovative thinking in this area which could have such a positive impact on those living in these areas.

“Hopefully, the lessons learnt through these projects can then be rolled out to benefit wider communities.”

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