Mark visits shale gas site


FYLDE MP Mark Menzies has visited a shale gas drilling site in Fylde to check out the process for himself.

Concerns have been raised by a number of constituents following a documentary about shale gas drilling in America.

Comments were also made about a lack of information.

So, keen to ensure there are no problems in Fylde, Mr Menzies visited the site for himself and spoke to the site operators, Cuadrilla Resources.

Mr Menzies said: “I urged Cuadrilla to carry out more public consultation to let people know exactly what they are doing.

“I was very keen to get the message across to them that they have to be entirely open and clear about the process.

“It is a very strictly controlled activity and the company have had to go through a very meticulous planning process with Lancashire County Council to be allowed to explore the possibility the area could be viable for shale gas.

“They certainly approached the meeting in an extremely professional manner and were keen to show me the measures they have taken at the site at Singleton which ensures the drilling is controlled to the highest possible safety standards.

“Communication is clearly improving signifcantly and the company have promised me they will be engaging with local people.

“I also welcome the enquiry into this activity by the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee.

“Energy security is an important issue but any new technologies which meet that must be subject to proper scrutiny.”

Mr Menzies will now continue to work closely monitor proceedings.

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