Member of Parliament holds moss road meeting


FYLDE MP Mark Menzies has held a top level meeting with county hall in a bid to get a major St Annes link road reopened.

The Member of Parliament met with Lancashire County Council Chief Executive Jo Turton to discuss how best to move forward to get the necessary repair work done on Wild Lane, known locally as the moss road, as quickly as possible.

During the meeting, Mr Menzies agreed to support the council’s bid for Government funding to part-build the new road so a route is open while work continues on building the rest of the new link road which will run alongside the existing track.

Following the meeting, Mr Menzies said: “I called this meeting as I was growing increasingly concerned about the closure of this vital link road and the affect it was having on the wider network around Lytham and St Annes.

“I felt it was extremely useful to sit down with Jo and get all our cards on the table to see how best we can move forward.

“I want to ensure this funding is secured as quickly as possible as it is crucial we get traffic moving around the area again as quickly as possible.

“I got the impression the county is as keen as anyone to get this project off the ground, which was good to see.”


PICTURE: Mark Menzies MP at county hall

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