MP backs residential addiction treatment centres

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FYLDE MP Mark Menzies has called for greater support for residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres.

It follows a visit to Pierpoint Addiction Treatment Centre on Clifton Drive North, St Annes, to speak to staff and clients about the service they provide.

The visit co-incided with the launch of new report by the Centre for Policy Studies entitled “Breaking the Habit”. The report states that, each year, around £3.6bn is spent on people on benefits and undertaking methadone treatment.

The coalition Government are now supporting a new approach which backs greater use of full-recovery, residential rehabilitation centres across the treatment and criminal justice systems.

The policy aims to reduce the massive amount being spent on methadone and benefits for addicts, encouraging more people to complete a full recovery and achieve total abstinence from alcohol and drugs.

But rehabilitation and recovery centres are struggling – 31 have closed in the UK in the last 24 months – and Pierpoint said further support was needed to help the policy succeed.

Pierpoint Director John Grady said: “Not enough people seem to realise that full recovery is not just a fantasy but is in fact a reality.

“For example seven of our clients started at university last September and hundreds more are leading fulfilling lives taking responsibility for themselves and their families and continuing in employment.”

Mr Menzies added: “It was truly fascinating to visit with Pierpoint. I spent around two and a half hours speaking to clients and staff members about the work they do and the issues they face.

“I feel supporting full recovery-led programmes can be of tremendous benefit to society. Myself and the staff at Pierpoint have discussed ways in which I can help put their views forward to the Government and I will be striving to help get their point across.”

Pierpoint Addiction Treatment Centres deliver inpatient detoxification from alcohol and all drugs as well as residential rehabilitation programmes ranging in length from four to 39 weeks for people who self-fund their treatment as well as those whose PCT or local authority fund treatment.

Pierpoint has recently treated a man who was kept on methadone for 23 years and is now in abstinent recovery and contributing to society.

Mr Menzies met and spent time talking to three clients, two who are still undertaking treatment and one who has graduated from the programme and is now undertaking a process of establishing a lifestyle without using drugs or drink for the first time in twenty years and re-establishing relationships with her children and family. 

The MP also learned more about clients’ journeys through addiction and into treatment and recovery, discovering that people entering treatment today are more seriously ill than they have ever been before.

Pierpoint say their long-term recovery programmes delivered can help people achieve abstinence from drugs and alcohol and restore families that have been torn apart by addiction.

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