MP encourages people to sign up to Green Deal

The Green Deal went live at the end of last month, giving the public in Fylde the opportunity to transform their homes by paying for energy efficient home improvements with the savings on their energy bills.  

The Green Deal is the Government’s new initiative to transform Britain’s homes. With buildings in Britain among the least efficient in the world, the Green Deal gives homes and businesses a new way of paying for energy efficient improvements such as insulation and new heating systems.

There are 45 different types of improvements currently available under the Green Deal in Fylde, helping people warm up their homes and pay for some or all of the improvements over time through their electricity bill.

Households in England and Wales who use the Green Deal to make energy saving home improvements will also qualify for hundreds of pounds of cashback from the Green Deal Cashback Scheme. The more work households decide to have done, the more cash they could receive and packages could be worth over £1,000. 

Mark Menzies MP said: “The Green Deal will transform the energy efficiency market and puts consumers in charge. It’s a fantastic new scheme that will allow people to make their homes warmer and save energy at the same time.

“And it’s not just consumers who will benefit. The Green Deal is also great for local businesses, creating a new market and new jobs.

“I’m truly excited about the potential the Green Deal has to transform Britain’s homes.”

Interested residents should call 0300 123 1234 to learn more.

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