MP hails planning decision

FYLDE MP Mark Menzies has congratulated planning chiefs after they turned down plans for 30 new homes in Staining.

The scheme, which was planned for a field off King’s Close, would also have provided nine socially rented properties and the site is owned by Co-Op homes.

There is now the potential for the application to go before the Planning Inspectorate if the company chooses to appeal the decision.

Mr Menzies said: “I am pleased the councillors on the planning committee showed the strength of conviction to refuse planning permission for this scheme.

“Recently, a number of new developments have sprung up in Staining, with more already on the way, having been granted planning permission.

“Having looked at this scheme I thought it would put further strain on the village’s infrastructure, something which I am not convinced has been fully considered.

“If it goes to the Planning Inspectorate for an appeal then local councils shouldn’t feel bullied by the inspector or afraid of the outcome of an appeal.

“Warton and Wrea Green in particular are also currently facing some inappropriate large-scale planning applications on green field sites and the Planning Inspector should respect the wishes of the people and the council utmost when coming to decisions, and not be looking to override those which have been made on a local level.

“I will certainly be paying close attention to decisions being made by the Planning Inspectorate in Fylde and raising them at the highest level if I believe they are wrong.”

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