MP in visit to threatened animal sanctuary


FYLDE MP Mark Menzies visited a local animal sanctuary to show his support for staff after it was revealed the charity may be forced to close its doors if it cannot find a new home.

The Member of Parliament was invited to Easterleigh Animal Sanctuary by owner Mandy Leigh, and was given a tour of the site and the animal enclosures by manager Sharlene Biksas-Hassal.

The charity – which rehomed 285 abandoned animals last year – may be forced to close down after the land on which it sits was sold and the new owner chose not to renew its lease.

Bosses are now looking for a new permanent site for the sanctuary before it has to close its doors.

Following the visit, Mr Menzies said: “Obviously Easterleigh provides an extremely worthwhile service for Fylde by rehoming these animals, which may otherwise have to be destroyed.

“It was very sad to hear some of the stories about the animals which had been abandoned but heart-warming to then hear about the large numbers which Easterleigh have found loving new homes for.

“Obviously when you are leasing land on which your headquarters sits then you can be vulnerable to a change of ownership so it is vital Easterleigh find a new site where they can operate from.

“I would encourage anyone who may be able to help or suggest a new site for the charity to come forward as it would be a shame for Fylde to lose such a worthwhile charity.”


PICTURE: Mark Menzies MP with Easterleigh Animal Sanctuary manager Sharlene Biksas-Hassal

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