MP to meet Flooding Minister to discuss Fylde issues

MP Mark Menzies is to hold top level talks to discuss issues with flooding in Fylde.

The move comes after Environment Agency North West revealed it had missed out on funding for the East Lytham Project, a scheme to discover the issues causing the saturation of land around Main Drain and Liggard Brook, for the next two years.

While work is currently ongoing to replace the old penstocks at the Preston Road Bridge with a modern new system, which it is hoped will allow water to drain away more easily and have a noticeable effect on levels locally, the East Lytham Project was designed to look at the wider issues involved and come up with long term solutions.

Mr Menzies raised the issue in the House of Commons with Flooding Minister, Dan Rogerson MP, from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs who agreed to meet with him to discuss the matter further.

He said: “This is a major issue in Fylde and one which I have been keen to see resolved for some time.

“I have hosted numerous meetings with the Environment Agency, farmers, local councillors and other interested parties and continued to push the agency to come up with solutions.

“I was among the first to welcome the work which started recently to replace the penstocks and had been expecting the wider East Lytham Project to get started in earnest this Christmas.

“So I was extremely disappointed when I was told that the EA had not managed to secure the funding needed to carry out this essential work.

“Farmers particularly risk losing their livelihoods and homes if they keep missing out on thousands of pounds in lost earnings every year because half their fields are flooded.

“I look forward to speaking to the Minister to bring the specific issues faced in Fylde to his attention and to see if anything can be done to help move this project along.”

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