MP welcomes result of tax consultation


MARK Menzies has welcomed changes to the Government’s VAT proposals on caravans and baked products.

Following a consultation period, the Government have announced that the 20 per cent charge due to be levied on static caravans will now drop to 5 per cent and will be delayed from October to April next year. 

Additionally, the Government has altered the definition of what is a “hot” pasty to allow for the reversal of plans which had caused concern to many within the food industry.

One food business has already told Mr Menzies that as a result of the changes they plan to invest heavily in their business and employ four extra staff.

Mark Menzies MP, who represents Fylde which is home to many caravan parks, said: “This is welcome news for many businesses in Fylde and shows the Chancellor is genuinely listening to the consultation.

“I had a number of people come to me with concerns regarding both original proposals, which I was more than happy to relay to the Minister, both in person and in a recent parliamentary debate on the caravan tax”.

In the debate, which can be read on , Mr Menzies called on Ministers to “think again” about this tax which could have had a damaging effect on local businesses.

For Mr Menzies, this represents an improvement in policy, following considerable consultation with the public:

“I congratulate all those that have raised their concerns with me, and welcome this common sense response by the Government.”

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