MP’s export event hailed a success


FYLDE MP Mark Menzies has hosted an event aimed at getting local businesses exporting.

The meeting was held in conjunction with UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) and took place at BAE Systems’ Warton aerodrome with around 30 local businesses sending representatives to attend.

Various speakers covered a wealth of topics to encourage small and medium companies to take the plunge into the potentially lucrative export markets.

Mr Menzies said: “I know there are many businesses here in Fylde which would perform incredibly well should they take their goods and services abroad, but for some reason they have not made that tricky first step as yet.

“Sometimes it is just about getting out of your comfort zone but that can be easier said than done.

“I had a meeting with UKTI and agreed to set up an event aimed at taking some of the fear factor out of the export markets and showing how, with the right amount of guidance and advice, companies can see exceptional growth.

“We had various sizes of companies explaining their export business model as well as representatives from UKTI talking about different markets and how they can help, as well as a speaker from a bank who talked about how to ensure you get paid.

“I know many of those who attended felt they gained a lot from it and were happy to hear that UKTI was there to support them.

“The Prime Minister and the Chancellor have spoken many times about exporting being at the heart of this Government’s future economic plan and I agree with that sentiment. I hope to host other similar events for businesses in Fylde in the future to do what I can to encourage companies to maximise their potential.”

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