THIS week I have been busy concentrating on helping constituents with any problems they are having where my intervention may be able to assist.

This column is regularly devoted to the bigger issues or events I attend in Fylde and in Parliament but rarely have I talked about the day-to-day work which takes up most of a Member of Parliament’s working week.

Every day MPs can receive dozens of letters and emails from constituent’s about a whole range of problems which we then try to resolve with the relevant Government department, agency or other organisation.

These can be about a range of extremely personal issues, some of which include debt advice, benefits payments, problems with neighbours, utility company complaints, banking queries or trouble at work.

Alternatively they may be writing in with concerns over an area of Government policy, in which case I would try to answer their questions directly or pass on their concerns to the relevant Minister in charge of that area.

People contact me because as Member of Parliament  I may be able to have some influence with the people they are having issues with or be able to get their problems dealt with in a more timely or transparent way.

This week I have written to a large number of constituents in St Annes regarding issues with the state of streets around their homes.

I did this because I recently sent a letter to the Chief Executive of Lancashire County Council urging her to ensure the authority was putting in the strongest possible bid for money from the additional £200m set aside for road repairs by the Government in the recent budget. Some roads in Fylde are in an extremely poor state and it is vital we take any opportunity possible to improve their condition.

This weekend, the new Employment Allowance came into effect and will take £2,000 off the National Insurance bill of every employer – including businesses, charities and community sports clubs. This will mean 53,000 small businesses in the North West will be exempt from paying any tax on jobs at all and is another example of how the Government is doing all it can to help create more jobs and help local companies.

Employment is up by more than 1.3m since the election, with the private sector creating 1.7m jobs in that time, and it is imperative we continue to support those who provide those positions.

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