THIS week has been a time to remember the sacrifice made by our service men and women during the last world war, on the 70th anniversary of the D Day landings.

It is only due to the efforts of those heroes that we enjoy the freedoms we do today and we should never forget the bravery and determination they showed to protect Britain from the tyranny and oppression which was threatening to engulf Europe and the rest of the world at that time.

It is only by remembering those events that we can learn the lessons which will hopefully prevent similar atrocities happening in the future.

I was pleased to be invited by Councillor Ed Nash, Fylde Council’s Armed Forces Member Representative, to attend the memorial service in Ashton Gardens on Friday to lay a wreath at the war memorial for our fallen service people.

While there I had the honour of meeting a number of local veterans who served during the war and was, as ever, impressed by their continuing humility despite carrying out what must have been an extremely difficult, but necessary, service for our country.

On Tuesday I attended the launch of the Women’s Aid Football United Against Domestic Violence project, an awareness campaign working with clubs to make the abuse of women unacceptable in football.

During the last World Cup, reports to police from women who had been victims of domestic violence by their male partners rose by up to 30 per cent, according to Women’s Aid.

As a typically male dominated culture it is important there are positive role models for younger people in the football community encouraging non-abusive relationships and I hope this campaign helps cut out this blight on our society.

From my experience, the work of schools councils is helping children become interested in politics and how our country is run from an ever-younger age so I was delighted to meet around 30 Year Six pupils who visited Parliament from Strike Lane Primary School in Freckleton on Monday.

I am sure the children had an informative visit where they learned about the history of our democratic system while receiving a tour of the impressive Parliamentary estate.

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