THIS week I find myself writing for the second time in a week about rail services in Fylde.

I was delighted to hear the announcement that the Transport Secretary had agreed a new franchise with Virgin Rail for the West Coast mainline, which included a new direct route from Blackpool North to London.

However, I’m determined those trains stop in Kirkham to give a much-needed boost to rail services in Fylde and have made my feelings known to the Transport Secretary on this issue.

I have also written to the Office of Rail Regulation, where the final decision about the route will rest, to ensure it is understood how important a stop in Kirkham is to people in Fylde. I’ve asked other local community leaders to write in to support me in my campaign.

Another important announcement this week saw the Prime Minister pledge to accelerate progress on dementia drugs by increasing funding while making new drugs more accessible.

Regular readers of this column will know how seriously I consider the fight against dementia and I was pleased to see David Cameron recognise the disease as one of the “greatest enemies of humanity”.

We must step up our research to find better treatments for dementia and our final aim should be to find a cure, or at least something which prevents the disease from progressing. While that may be some time away it is an extremely worthy endeavour and one in which we must succeed.

It was great to see the plaudits received by Fylde music promoters Cuffe and Taylor following the hugely successful Rod Stewart concert at Blackpool FC’s stadium on Friday.

Peter and Daniel are two young people who should be a shining example to all those with the entrepreneurial spirit of how far you can go if you follow your vision and believe in yourself.

Cuffe and Taylor took a small business idea and have now worked with some of the biggest stars in the music industry. They regularly put on shows which bring in a lot of prosperity to the area and employ a large number of local people.

I look forward to seeing the success of Friday night’s concert at a sell-out Bloomfield Road replicated at the forthcoming Lytham Proms in August, which I am sure will see local shops, restaurants and bars receive a boost from all those coming to Fylde to enjoy the shows.


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