THIS week, I like most people have been watching the shocking news coverage of events in Paris.

As these attacks show, countries which stand for the values of democracy, freedom of expression and tolerance face a very real threat. When security agencies tell us that the threat is now more severe than at any time before or since 9/11, we should take notice.

I know the Prime Minister met security and intelligence chiefs this week to make sure we are as well prepared as we can be to deal with the threat. We have to confront fanatical extremism in every way we can. That means maintaining and investing in our security services, ensuring that they have the powers they need, and also confronting the narrative of Islamist extremism wherever we find it, whether in universities, schools or prisons.

Britain is proud to stand for democracy, freedom of speech and tolerance. These are not values that make us weak, they are values that make our society, economy and country strong.

In Fylde, I was delighted to be asked to attend the Ormerod Drama Production on Friday where I was extremely impressed by the talented acting on display. The show was about the different characteristics of the planets in our solar system so was educational as well as an enormous amount of fun.

I am very proud of my role as patron of the Ormerod Group so am always happy to support any of the events they hold.

I was pleased to hear this week that Lancashire County Council had decided to scrap plans to remove its support for rural bus services in Fylde.

Public transport is vital to those living in some of our more remote areas and I wanted to ensure that the elected members and officers were aware of the dangers before they made their decision.

With that in mind, I wrote to the Chief Executive to ask her to reconsider the authority’s position and I am glad the council listened to the concerns of myself and others and acted accordingly.

On Monday, I pressed the Defence Minister in the House of Commons over Government support for the sale of Hawk aircraft, which are now constructed at BAE Systems in Warton.

I know Ministers have been fully involved in supporting exports of Typhoons and I wanted to make sure that Hawks were not being overlooked.

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