I start this week’s column by expressing my total dismay at the barbaric deaths of twenty-one Egyptian Christians by Islamic State in Libya, and the horrendous attack in Copenhagen that left two people dead and five police injured at a free speech debate and a synagogue. My thoughts are with both their loved ones and all those injured at this tragic time. These attacks are a further reminder of the challenges we face in tackling extremism at home and abroad, and how crucial it is that we remain unwavering in our efforts to defeat ISIL and other extremists.

This week I welcome the announcement from Alzheimer’s Research UK to invest £30 million into fast-tracking new drug treatments for the disease and spearheading the search for an Alzheimer’s cure. It comes on the same day a molecule has been discovered which could provide a new method for fighting the condition. Since I was first elected I have been working tirelessly on raising awareness of this terrible disease. With nearly a million people in the UK suffering from dementia, it is crucial that we continue to work hard on finding a cure.

Last week Cllr Tommy ThrelfalI and I met with the Environment Agency to discuss future work on flooding issues around East Lytham. This is an issue I have continually raised with the Environment Agency, outlining the potential risk that waterlogged fields pose to homes and businesses in the area. During the meeting we had constructive discussions regarding the importance of long term plan of de-silting downstream of the pumping station. I remain hopeful that this crucial work will begin next month.

Finally, I just want to thank all those people who have sent in nominations for Fylde’s Women of the Year, it has really highlighted the amazing contributions made by the women in Fylde on a daily basis. I look forward to announcing the winner of the award alongside the other judges in the near future.

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