I was delighted to be asked to hand out the awards at the Lytham Rotary Club Technology Tournament on Friday.

While I was at the event I spoke to a number of young people and raised with them how important engineers are for the future of our country.

Fylde’s biggest employer, BAE Systems, is one of the UK’s leading companies when it comes to apprenticeships and take on more trainees every year.

While many of those remain at BAE Systems, others go on to different companies which creates a supply chain of labour that is vital for a number of highly-skilled industries.

I am due to visit BAE Warton in the coming weeks to meet apprentices and I am, as ever, looking forward to hearing about all the work they do.

Earlier that day I had been to visit Blackpool Airport to speak to the owners about their plans for the future of the site.

Obviously it has been a difficult few months for the airport since it closed down due to financial difficulties and myself and some local councillors were concerned about what lay ahead for the site.

The owners are currently in the process of coming up with a masterplan which will see the site’s future as an airfield secured while providing the ability to look again at introducing commercial aviation in the future.

On Monday I wrote to Post Office LTD regarding its plans for the branch on Warton Street in Lytham.

The owner, Mark Bamforth, recently received a letter informing him the company was going to look at removing its desk from within the store and place it elsewhere, something which could put the entire business in jeopardy.

I stand shoulder to shoulder with Mark on this one and am deeply uneasy with the actions of Post Office LTD and the way they have made this decision.

I was sad to hear this week about the death of Andrea Annear who was a very well-known figure around St Annes.

Andrea and her husband Paul were the first couple with Down Syndrome to be married in the UK and were both supported by the Ormerod Group, of which I am Patron.

Andrea met Paul after moving into Ormerod House and I believe they have been almost inseparable since getting together.

I know what a difficult time this must be for Paul and want him to know that all our thoughts are with him.

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