May’s election results prove that people trust this Government as one which protects the interests of working people.

With that in mind this week’s Budget is designed to reward work over welfare and allow people to keep more of the money they earn, delivering on our manifesto commitments to provide economic security.

With the deficit down by more than half since 2010, we must keep working to rebalance the economy, and ensure, for the first time in 15 years, our income is more than we spend. This means more difficult decisions, including the £12bn welfare cuts we have previously said we must make – with a lower cap on benefits, and action on higher earners who use taxpayer-funded subsidies to live in social housing.

With wages now rising at their fastest pace since the recession, it’s right that we are starting to move away from a high-welfare, high-tax, low-wage economy to a lower-welfare, lower-tax and higher-wage one. Building that Britain is what this budget is all about.

We only have to look at events in Greece to see what happens when a country loses control of its economy. Greece is a proud nation and a very long standing ally of the UK and I respect the decision of its people in its referendum over austerity measures.

But this is a critical moment in the economic crisis in Greece and no-one should be under any illusions that the situation could go from bad to worse. That is why we must redouble our efforts to put our house in order, as the Chancellor’s budget is designed to do, while ensuring the situation does not badly impact the UK’s economic recovery.

The Prime Minister and the Chancellor have been working with their European counterparts on this important issue and I understand contingency plans for holidaymakers are in place so would advise any Fylde residents travelling to Greece to seek advice before they leave.

This week I visited Well Pharmacy in Kirkham and was pleased to hear that a real emphasis is being placed by the sector on assisting doctors by helping those with minor complaints.

GP surgeries are critical to the success of our health service and it is important people who need an appointment are able to get one. Often for those suffering from lesser ailments it is quicker and easier to speak to your local chemist first, which is why the support of pharmacists is so welcome.

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