Last Friday I remained in Westminster to attend the debate and vote on the Assisted Dying Bill. Clearly this is a very sensitive issue for many, especially terminally ill patients and their families. These cases are truly moving and evoke the highest degree of sympathy and emotion. I was touched to receive so many impassioned letters prior to the vote.

I accept that there are imperfections and problems with the current law, but I think that these can be dealt with sensitively and sensibly without having a new law that opens the door to euthanasia. It is for these reasons that I voted against the proposal that sought to introduce assisted suicide.

There is no getting away from the other biggest news story this week, that of Jeremy Corbyn being overwhelmingly elected as the new Labour Party leader.

I, like many MPs on both sides of the House, are deeply concerned by the views and vision Jeremy has for the UK. In particular, his stance on scrapping the UK’s nuclear deterrent, weakening our armed forces, raising taxes on jobs and earnings, and racking up huge national debt.

I agree with the Prime Minister’s assessment that “Labour are now a serious risk to our nation’s security, our economy’s security and your family’s security.”

The turmoil within the Labour Party is further confirmation of the crucial role this Conservative Government has in tackling the national debt, strengthening our economy and providing support for families and working people.

This week I questioned the Minister, Marcus Jones MP, on the importance of Fylde Council taking into careful consideration the neighborhood plans submitted by local communities whilst the Local Plan is finalised. This followed on from my productive meeting with Warton Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group last Saturday to discuss this issue. I was pleased that the Minister’s response emphasised the clear planning guidance given to local authorities to work in collaboration with neighbourhood planning groups when local plans are being developed at the same time.

Finally, I just wanted to thank The Willows School in Kirkham for hosting me last Sunday on a fantastic nature trail. The event was excellent at raising awareness on the declining population of bees in the UK and the crucial role they play in our ecosystem. I look forward to working hard on raising awareness of this important issue in the future.


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