This week I raised a case in Parliament of a constituent who has been let down by the energy company which failed to carry out the required work to his central heating system after his boiler was upgraded under the Government’s affordable warmth scheme.

This policy has been lauded by many people who have benefitted from a replacement or upgraded boiler but there has been no obligation for companies to upgrade the rest of the heating system to ensure it works with the improved boiler.

This has left at least one pensioner in Fylde with no heating over the winter and I asked the Secretary of State to look into the matter and ensure energy firms are not leaving people short when upgrading their boilers.

The Energy Minister, Amber Rudd MP, told me that since April 2015 boiler replacements under the affordable warmth obligation have come with a one-year warranty, covering the function of both the boiler and the heating system that it serves, and that any customers who have faced problems should register a complaint with their installer or energy supplier so remedial action can be taken.

I have faced some criticism this week for suggesting there should be a national public holiday created to celebrate Scotland remaining in the United Kingdom.

I raised this in the House of Commons, where I put forward the idea that Unity Day should take place every year on March 24 – the day slated for Scotland to break away in the event of a vote to leave the UK at 2014′s independence referendum.

While my comments may not have gone down well with some of my SNP colleagues, I felt it was important to highlight the views of all those British people who were happy to see Scotland remain as part of a united and stronger Britain.

As a proud Christian and someone whose faith is extremely important to them, the Easter period is one which is always time for sombre reflection.

With some of the shocking events we have seen in the news in recent days and weeks the world can seem like quite a frightening place at the moment.

However, Easter is a time when we are reminded more than ever that we must stand together against tyranny and those who wish to oppress our Christian values and way of life.

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