This week Parliament has been given a clear instruction by the British people that we must work to take this country out of the European Union.

There is no question in my mind that this is the most seismic event in post-war British politics and all of us must now rise to the challenge that has been set.

On Monday, David Cameron addressed the House of Commons to outline the Government’s ‘Brexit’ strategy in the immediate term.

While key decisions will be put off until a new Prime Minister is in post, I was pleased that the Government is taking important steps to stabilise the UK economy and to secure the future of UK businesses at this difficult time.

After his statement, I questioned the Prime Minister on the potential impact that leaving the European Union will have on jobs at BAE Systems in Warton.

He reassured me that he will continue to do all that he can to continue to support BAE Systems to secure orders abroad.

Despite his imminent departure from Downing Street, David Cameron is still working hard for the people of this country, which is a demonstration of why so many people advanced him to two General Election victories.

He is a passionate public servant who has, and always will, put the needs and best interests of the British people first.

David Cameron has led this country through turbulent times, forging a coalition in the national interest to place the UK’s public finances in a strong position again after the shock of the 2008 recession.

It is important that a new government now takes on the spirit that forged the 2010 coalition, bringing together both sides of the referendum debate to implement the will of the British people.

In the meantime, the work of Parliament continues and on Monday I met with ministers in the Department of Communities and Local Government to talk about the Government’s policy on high streets.

Following on from the debate that I brought to Parliament earlier this year on the issue, I am continuing to press the Government to do more to support businesses to move into our town centres.

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