I was disappointed to see this week that Centrica have withdrawn their commitment to new Nuclear Build sites in England.

The global low-carbon sector is set to be worth over $4 trillion by 2015 and I believe we as a country have to make the most of it.

That is why I was extremely pleased to hear further evidence of the Prime Minister’s support on Monday for the Green economy, at a showcase for green innovation and energy efficiency.

I have followed up the meeting I held last week with the Minister of State for Energy and representatives from Springfield Nuclear Fuels.

At a time when EDF are continuing their support of nuclear new builds, and Hitachi has purchased Horizon Nuclear Power, it is vital that we ensure Springfield benefits from these commitments.

The Union representatives and I will carry on doing all we can on this front.

This week saw the Second Reading of the Same Sex Marriage Bill.

I have appreciated and respected the views of the many constituents who have been in contact with me on this important issue.

I have been particularly impressed by the number of young people who have written to me for the first time.

Indeed, I recently met with a number of Fylde students in Parliament, who hold strong views on this matter, and I have genuinely tried to take all these opinions into account.

With a Bill such as this, I know no matter the outcome, some may be disappointed, and it is fair to say that my opinion has genuinely changed throughout the debate as I have heard the arguments develop.

As a Catholic, I believe it is vital that the concerns of religious institutions and faith schools are protected by law.

I took assurance in a meeting with the Minister, that the quadruple lock will protect religious marriage, and I also agree with any legislation that aims to boost equality.

I am writing this article before the debate in parliament has begun; it is my intention to listen to the full debate before deciding on how finally to vote.

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