Parliamentary candidate welcomes business backing

FYLDE’S Conservative Parliamentary Candidate has welcomed news that more than 100 business chiefs have recognised to achievements of the Government in rebuilding Britain.

Former Member of Parliament Mark Menzies, who is standing in Fylde again on May 7, said the Conservatives would continue to support businesses to bring about growth and jobs in the new Parliament.

The letter from 103 business leaders – including leisure entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne and Formula 1 supremo Ron Dennis – goes on to say that a change in Government will threaten employment and investment in Britain.

Mr Menzies said: “The Government has strongly supported British businesses and that has in turn led to economic recovery and record employment.

“After inheriting the worst financial crisis in peacetime history we are on track to halve the deficit this year so we don’t leave future generations with more debts than they could ever repay.

“More than 850,000 companies have benefitted from our decision to cut employers’ National Insurance Contributions, helping the private sector create over 1.6m new jobs.

“In total there are 1.85 million more people in work since 2010 and the employment rate is the highest in history.

“These are the achievements of a Government I am proud to have been part of and I am pleased that these business leaders have come out to reiterate how important it is that we stay the course and continue along the road to prosperity for everyone in Britain.”

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