Prepare well for wintery weather


BUSINESSES and homeowners are being urged to prepare for wintery weather.

Lancashire County Council’s preparations for dealing with icy and snowy conditions are already well underway and they are well prepared for another monumental effort to help clear the county’s highways and keep traffic moving.

They have a total of 49 gritters operating from 10 depots throughout the county and a staggering 30,000 tonnes of salt and 30,000 litres of liquid de-icer is stockpiled ready for use in case of a big freeze.

But businesses and homeowners, particularly those in areas that the council may not be able to grit, are being encouraged to work together with the council who can help them to help themselves.

Mark Menzies MP said: “The big freeze last year caused significant disruption but, in my view, Lancashire County Council did a good job overall.

“They have assured me they are well prepared and are keen to engage the public to advise them on how they can help themselves in areas they perhaps cannot cover. They’ve provided a helpful website and a number of ways the public can get in touch.

“We have 4,300 miles of road in Lancashire and, clearly, it is not possible to cover all of it so people are being advised on how best to deal with problems and take early precautions which could be helpful.”

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Additionally, Government guidance on issues relating to public clearing of footpaths and roads is available at


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