Progress on testing complaints


FOLLOWING Mark Menzies MP’s calls for action following complaints about Cuadrilla Resources’ geophysical testing in Fylde the company has issued the following statement:

“Cuadrilla has been listening to local people throughout the survey process since it started at the end of March.  From the outset we have sought to minimise disturbance through establishing a strict and independently tested 50m safe distance to nearby properties designed to avoid any damage.  The survey team has monitored work throughout the process to ensure that these standards have been adhered to. 

“We have also undertaken a large-scale community information effort involving tens of thousands of leaflets posted to individual households, three well-attended public information days throughout the survey area, and more recently a task force of six local employees to deliver letters just before we conduct detonations in specific areas to keep residents informed about what to expect.

“We are sorry for the disturbance that has been caused during the geo-physical survey.  Over the last fortnight an increased number of people have contacted us about our survey, in particular the detonation of charges around Kirkham and Wesham. 

Mark Miller, Cuadrilla’s Chief Executive said: “Following discussions with local people and Mark Menzies MP, I have put in place additional controls to minimise any future disturbance.  We shall increase the minimum distance between detonations and residences in the built-up areas of Lytham, Wrea Green, Kirkham and Wesham to 250m, with a distance of 500m used where possible.  I’ve also ordered hours of working for detonations to be restricted to 9am – 6.30pm.  We want to be a good neighbour and if our work does cause a problem we want to be able to put it right as soon as possible.”

“We expect the survey to be completed in early July, but the exact timing will depend on the weather.  If people have any concerns, please contact Cuadrilla’s community information line on 0800 170 1115.  If people believe that any minor damage has resulted from any of our operations, we will investigate thoroughly.  If necessary, we will appoint an independent surveyor to provide an assessment.”

Mr Menzies told The Gazette: ““I’m pleased they’ve responded quickly to what I’ve asked them to do .

“It’s now a case of monitoring the situation and ensuring the measures do address the affected areas in the coming days.

“I appreciate their rapid response, but I will be continuing to look out for the contractors at Cuadrilla and looking closely at their responses to what has been agreed.”

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