School milk success


Mark Menzies, MP for Fylde, helped children at St Peters Kindergarten to celebrate World School Milk Day by handing out milk to the children. 

St Peters Kindergarten was one of thousands of schools across more than 30 countries which took part in celebrations dedicated to World School Milk Day. The day encourages children to drink milk and aims to educate them about the benefits of milk. 

In the UK, school milk is free for children in day-care or primary education under the age of five and subsidised for school children aged five to 11. Milk is delivered fresh and chilled to the classroom, distributed by children and consumed as a group.

This process aids children’s social development, including responsibility, independence and manners.  Children also benefit from the nutrients and vitamins in milk, which aids their health and physical development – while also helping to ensure their hydration and improved concentration.

St Peters Kindergarten promotes milk as it adds to their Healthy School Status which helps improve child health, raise pupil achievement, improve social inclusion and encourage closer working between health and education providers.

Angela Pisacane, Kindergarten Manager, said: “Milk is a quick and nutritious snack for growing children we encourage our children to have at least two cupful’s of milk per day. Not only does is aid their bones and teeth but it has also been proven to aid concentration.”

Mr Menzies added: ““I really enjoyed joining staff and pupils from St Peter’s to celebrate the importance of school milk.  I fondly remember drinking my milk at break time as a boy and this is a tradition which I hope will carry on for many generations to come.

“World School Milk Day is a great initiative which I hope will remind everyone of the benefits and importance of school milk to our children.”

John Sedgwick, Managing Director for Cool Milk, confirmed that supplying milk to schools, nurseries is vital in helping children to develop important nutrition and social habits.

He said: “Milk in schools continues to be incredibly popular and hugely successful in contributing to the healthy development of all children – but especially where children are struggling to get their daily nutrients.”

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