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FYLDE’S MP has urged men under 30 to sign up to a register which helps save the lives of people with blood cancer.

Mark Menzies has backed a drive by charity Anthony Nolan to try to recruit 10,000 male donors to come forward to help save the lives of people with blood cancer.

The MP is among a raft of politicians who have pledged to recruit at least ten men each between the ages to 18 and 30 to join the Anthony Nolan stem cell register.

Mr Menzies said: “This really is a very important cause and I will be doing my best to get some people from Fylde to sign up.”

Anthony Nolan is a pioneering charity that use their register to match remarkable donors willing to donate their blood stem cells to people who desperately need potentially lifesaving transplants. 

However, there is a shortage of young male donors on the bone marrow register.

Men aged 18-30 account for 80 per cent of donations, but make up just 19 per cent of the register.

Presently, Anthony Nolan can only find a matching donor for half the people who come to them in desperate need of a lifesaving transplant.

So this summer they are aiming to recruit 10,000 more young men to the register.

Anthony Nolan has provided every MP with a unique code to give to constituents so the charity can track how many young men MPs have recruited.

And Mr Menzies is keen to ensure that Fylde does not let the side down.

“I’m hoping for some good support,” he said.

“A member of my team has already signed up but I won’t be counting him among my numbers. That would be cheating.

“I hope people will go to the Anthony Nolan website or watch the incredibly moving video on Youtube about their fantastic work and the difference it makes, and sign up themselves.

“If every MP recruited just ten young men to the Anthony Nolan register, that would make up 6,500 new recruits towards the charity’s ten thousand target.

“These new donors could be saving lives by Christmas.”

To sign up to the register and become the first and enter the code UVF5.

To view a Youtube video on the work of Anthony Nolan visit

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