Support for speech therapy

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FYLDE MP, Mark Menzies, has pledged his support for people who suffer from speech and communication difficulties.
It comes following an event hosted by the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists and the Centre for Social Justice, during which he met experts and singer Gareth Gates, who himself suffered severe problems with a stammer as a young man.
After the event, Mark Menzies said: “In this National Year of Speech Language and Communication, it is vital that parliamentarians recognise the significant impact communication disability has on the individual, their ability to form relationships, access education and gain employment.

“I have to admit I have had a couple of letters and emails regarding delays in young people receiving speech therapy.

“I’m pleased to say, however, I’ve been able to resolve them and the local NHS have devoted extra resources to the issue as a result.

“It’s important that these matters are kept in the public eye to stress their importance to people’s lives to our NHS leaders.”
West End Star Gareth Gates spoke to the MP of his difficulty growing up with a communication disability.

He told MP’s: “Having a communication difficulty, like a stammer, shapes and controls a person’s life beyond belief.
“Imagine the one thing people take for granted – to be able to speak – being taken away from you”
Gates described to Menzies how an inability to communicate drastically shapes someone’s life.
“Fortunately for me I found music, which became my form of release. However, there are people who won’t find a release or a passion and their inability to speak will change their entire lives”
For more information about the work of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) please visit their website


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