‘Tories save you money on your bills’


“THE Conservatives will save you up to £158 on your utility bills. Labour will cost you £61.”

That was the message from Fylde MP Mark Menzies after it was revealed the Government’s new Energy Bill will save families in Fylde up to £158 on their utility bills, by helping people switch to the cheapest tariff.

Mr Menzies today welcomed the legislation, saying it was the most vulnerable households which will see the greatest benefit.

The latest cash boost is on top of the £64 average saving which householders in Fylde have already seen under the coalition so far, compared to what they would have had under Labour’s plans.

By contrast, its planned scheme for utilities would mean an immediate rise in bills of £61 on average due to its opposition of solar energy reform.

Ed Miliband wants an expensive reorganisation of the utilities market, to force energy to be “pooled” for auction. This idea has already been abandoned by the Blair government because it drove up energy bills.

In addition to Mr Miliband’s planned £61 raid on people’s wallets, Labour’s unfunded commitment to rebrand the Ofgem regulator could lead to further costs.

Commenting, Mr Menzies said: “The cost of living is one of the main issues for people in Fylde.

“That’s why this Energy Bill matters.

“The simple choice today is saving up to £158 with the Conservatives, or paying £61 more under Labour.”

The figures show electricity bills went up by more than 50 per cent under Labour. Between 1997 and 2010, the average domestic usage (standard credit) went up by 53 per cent, from £285 to £435.

Meanwhile, the average domestic gas bill (standard credit) more than doubled, going up by 108 per cent, from £328 to £681.

Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change, Greg Barker MP, added:  “This Energy Bill will put cash back in your pocket.

“Hard-working families in Fylde will be able to save up to £158, by switching to the cheapest energy tariff, which our plans will give everyone the chance to do.

“Already, as a result of our policies, people are paying five per cent less on their gas and electricity bills than they would otherwise be.”phpv3L84dAM

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