Tread carefully with turbines


FARMERS and homeowners have been urged to think carefully before submitting planning applications for wind turbines.

Mark Menzies, MP for Fylde, says he has met with a number of people, particularly farmers, who have encountered problems with their proposals for installing turbines on their land.

The issues stem from objections from the Ministry of Defence who say that the turbines can interfere with vital radar equipment.

“I do not want people to waste their money,” Mr Menzies said.

“I’m aware that there are potential objections in this area due to military aviation and radar issues which can occur.

“This is, of course, vitally important in this area as a result of military aircraft testing and the local airport.

“Therefore I’m urging people who are interested in citing a wind turbine in Fylde to contact the MOD to make inquiries about possible objections.

“The MOD clearly have to strike a careful balance between supporting environmentally advantageous projects and safeguarding radar equipment.”

The MOD have advised Mr Menzies that they are happy to work with people to look for solutions to potential radar issues and have also offered to look at planning applications prior to them being submitted.

People with proposals for a turbine submit them, prior to making a planning application, at

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