Tribute to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher


FYLDE MP Mark Menzies today paid tribute to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who has died aged 87.

Mr Menzies had the privilege of meeting Mrs Thatcher on a number of occasions over the years and described her passing as a “sad day for Great Britain”.

He added: “Margaret Thatcher was truly remarkable, not only for the fact that she managed to get to the position she did as a woman, but the way in which she changed the country for the better.

“Today getting there as a woman would be a difficult achievement but back then it would have been almost impossible and is an indicator of the type of grit and determination she had as a person.

“While Prime Minister she made some of the most difficult decisions needed to steer the country back from the verge of bankruptcy.

“And despite sometimes having to take controversial decisions she managed to win three consecutive General Elections, allowed millions of people to buy their council house, reduced the maximum rate of income tax from 87 per cent to 40 per cent and during her first term in office brought inflation down below four per cent from a peak of 22 per cent.

“Most of the recent 2010 intake of Conservative MPs were people who were inspired by Mrs Thatcher and I was certainly one of them.

“It is an incredibly sad day for Great Britain and I would echo what the Prime Minister said today – she didn’t just lead the country, she saved the country.”

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