Clifton Square

Mark Menzies launches campaign for Fylde seat

Mark Menzies has launched his campaign as the Conservative candidate for Fylde. Mr Menzies, who has served the area as an MP for the past seven years, was reselected by the party to fight for the seat once again. He was joined by party colleagues in Clifton Square in Lytham to launch his campaign. He said: "I am proud to live in Fylde and would be prouder still to represent the area once again. "I have thoroughly enjoyed being MP for Fylde. One of the most satisfying and enjoyable... Read more »

DISCLAIMER: Mark Menzies is now the Conservative candidate for Fylde

Mark Menzies has become the Conservative candidate for the Parliamentary seat of Fylde. Following the dissolution of Parliament, Mr Menzies is no longer the area's MP, and has become a parliamentary candidate, until the general election on June 8.... Read more »


Westminster was abuzz with speculation as we returned after the Easter break, the Prime Minister announcing a press conference at 11.15am on Tuesday. The decision to call an election for June 8 is the right thing for us to do to make sure Britain has the best bargaining position with the European Union. An election now will mean we can secure the strong and stable leadership the country needs to get us through the Brexit negotiations. It will give the Prime Minister the mandate she needs to get... Read more »

Fylde MP backs Prime Minister’s election decision

Fylde MP Mark Menzies has welcomed Prime Minister Theresa May's decision to call a General Election for June 8. Mr Menzies said: "This is the right thing for us to do to make sure Britain has the best bargaining position with the European Union. "An election now will give the Prime Minister a mandate in order to get the best deal for the British people. "This will give us the certainty, stability, security and strong leadership we need to get that deal. "It is the only way we can... Read more »


It was a sad day in Parliament as it fell silent for the funeral procession of PC Keith Palmer. Killed in the Westminster attack last month, he died protecting democracy, staff and members of the public. His cortege set off from Parliament along streets lined with police officers and those who came to pay their respects, with a floral tribute which read "No 1 Daddy". He was a top public servant. He was also a hero, and that is why his coffin was allowed to lie in the... Read more »