Mark welcomes new planning proposals for travellers sites

LAWS making it more difficult to create and win planning permission for illegally created travellers sites are set to be introduced by the Government. Fylde MP Mark Menzies wrote to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles MP, following continual complaints from residents near the travellers site on Fairfield Road. He pressed the Government on their plans to deal with sites such as the one on Fairfield Road and urged action. In response Parliamentary Under Secretary Bob Neill MP said the Government wanted to... Read more »


HISTORY is often made at party conferences. From young William Hague’s immortal: “some of you won’t be around in 30 or 40 years,” quip just up the road in Blackpool to the naming of Ed Milliband as Labour leader last week – the party conferences often push personalities to the fore. And this week too our leader David Cameron will, I am sure, again distinguish himself on one of the biggest stages of all. But as I write to you from Birmingham’s ICC, at my... Read more »


EDUCATION, as we all know, is absolutely vital to the future of our nation. It is the building block upon which people of all ages can develop careers, broaden their horizons and shape their futures. It aids personal development, increases earning potential and strengthens our understanding of the wider world. And most of all it is the most important factor in the lives of the future of our country – young people. And this week, with Parliament in recess due to the start of the party conference... Read more »

Coffee morning success

A QUICK thank you to all those who attended my coffee morning on Friday. We raised more than £100 for Macmillan Cancer Support. Thank you for your generosity. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did. Mark... Read more »


HISTORY was made this Friday at Pope Benedict XVI’s official state visit to Parliament. The visit, the first official state reception for the leader of the Catholic Church – as opposed to a pastoral visit – was a truly unique moment which may never be replicated again in my lifetime. I was fortunate enough to be present in the incredible 900 year old Westminster Hall and felt truly humbled to be included on such a groundbreaking day. As with all papal visits and most... Read more »