MY first week back in Parliament was an extremely busy one.  We started the week off by tackling legislation that will bring about the first full referendum in the UK for 35 years. The referendum will be looking at whether or not we should reform our current electoral system, from First Past the Post to the Alternative Vote system. As you can imagine this has been dominating the topic of discussion in the corridors of Westminster. Many of you have been having similar discussions... Read more »


I WROTE last week about the workings of the coalition Government and our efforts to pull together for the good of the country. And in that spirit I was delighted this week by an announcement by one of our Liberal Democrat colleagues, the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Chris Huhne. Mr Huhne told BBC’s Today programme that proposals to build new nuclear power stations were very firmly on track for 2018. Nuclear power has, undoubtedly, been an issue that some thought would ... Read more »

Family firm discuss future of energy industry

FYLDE MP Mark Menzies has visited Gledhills – a vibrant family business which spans three generations. Mr Menzies met with Chairman Houghton Gledhill his daughter and the company’s Managing Director Tricia Holland and Chief Executive Mark Foster to discuss the changing energy industry and the economy at their manufacturing base off Squires Gate Lane. And, during a tour of the site, he also met a third generation of the Lytham based family – Tricia’s son who is helping out during the school holidays and his spare time – keeping... Read more »


THE national papers have been full of end-of-term, teacher-style reports about the coalition Government’s first few months. Fortunately not too many of them say “must do better.” And with the spirit of these columns in mind I thought I would offer my own take from the inside of this revolutionary Government. It all began back in May with an election result which was not quite what we had wanted nationally. The deal was done and a partnership was formed culminating in those remarkable pictures of David... Read more »

Visit to Global Energy Systems

FYLDE MP Mark Menzies says he is very proud of the technological innovation in his constituency following a visit to an award-winning company. Mr Menzies toured Global Energy Systems,  a developer of renewable energy generating Air Source Heat Pumps which is based in Lytham. Global Energy Systems say the Air Source Heat Pumps can be an important part of the solution to the Government's twin goals of carbon emission reduction and energy security for the UK. The pumps are capable of cutting emissions by 60 per cent and heating bills by 65 per cent and can be fitted to... Read more »