Standing Up For Rural Fylde

As your Prospective MP, Mark Menzies recognises the concerns that local residents and farmers in rural Fylde have about the future of the local area. On Thursday 16th July, Mark caught up with Nick Herbert MP, the Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to discuss some of the issues affecting local communities across Fylde.... Read more »

Mark At The Weeton Gala

Mark attended the Weeton Gala on Saturday 11th July and had an extremely enjoyable time. Many thanks to the organisers and all those that took part!

... Read more »

Mark Visits BAE Systems Warton

On 9th July, Mark was grateful for the opportunity to tour the BAE Systems site at Warton, including a briefing on the Typhoon production line. Warton is absolutely vital to the local economy and provides a huge number of employment opportunities for local people in Fylde and the neighbouring areas. As your Prospective MP, Mark is 100% committed to the future of Warton and will work tirelessly to support the site in any way possible. Mark takes a particular interest in defence issues and support for Warton is... Read more »

Mark Menzies Launches New Website

Mark Menzies, Prospective Conservative MP for Fylde constituency, has launched a new website, which you can visit at Mark said, "I'm delighted to have the new website up-and-running, and I hope that local residents across Fylde find the site useful. If you have any comments, please don't hesitate to get in touch!"... Read more »

Wrea Green Gala

As your Prospective MP, Mark tries to get to as many community events across Fylde as he can. On 4th July, Mark was at the Wrea Green Gala and had a great time. Many thanks go to both the organisers and all those who took part!... Read more »