Mark Menzies MP allays fears over Westinghouse

Fylde MP Mark Menzies has calmed fears for the future of Westinghouse after the firm's American business filed for bankruptcy. The move is part of a restructuring of the US company as a result of certain financial and construction challenges in its US AP1000® power plant projects. Business will continue as usual, and the move does not affect the European, Asian and Middle Eastern aspects of the business. Mr Menzies, whose constituency of Fylde includes Westinghouse's Springfields site, said: “I believe that Westinghouse’s operations in Europe are not... Read more »
bowel cancer poster

MP Mark Menzies urges Fylde folk to take bowel cancer screening test

MP Mark Menzies has pledged to help charity raise awareness of screening in Fylde during Bowel Cancer Awareness Month in April. Mr Menzies is supporting Bowel Cancer UK’s campaign to urge more people to take part in bowel cancer screening and save lives, as part of the awareness campaign. More than 44 people die from bowel cancer every day in the UK; it is the nation’s second biggest cancer killer. However, the condition is treatable and curable, especially if diagnosed early.
 I would urge my constituents... Read more »

Fylde MP pays tribute to emergency services following Westminster attack

Fylde MP Mark Menzies has paid tribute to emergency service workers, and those killed and injured in the attack on Westminster last week. Mr Menzies was among hundreds of MPs making their way into the House of Commons to vote when the attacker struck. He said: "It was a dreadful day in Westminster with the attack that left PC Keith Palmer and three innocent people dead. "I was heading into the Chamber to vote when it happened. It was obvious something was going on but we initially thought... Read more »


In Parliament this week, I intervened in a debate to highlight some of the excellent work that goes on at Kirkham Prison to help rehabilitate prisoners. I encouraged the Secretary of State to look at the initiatives that goes on both inside the prison and with people who have recently been released. I spoke about the work of Jobs, Friends and Houses, with whom I recently met. I like their no-nonsense approach to help; those involved have to want to be helped, have to be clean of... Read more »

Mark Menzies MP rejects bid for second Scottish referendum

Fylde MP Mark Menzies has rejected the idea of a new referendum on Scottish independence. Scottish-born Mr Menzies said the SNP should focus on public services and job creation in Scotland, rather than fighting for a second vote. He said: "Scotland has just had a referendum and people voted by a clear majority to remain a part of the union. "The SNP said it was a once-in-a-generation vote, yet just two years later they are demanding another one. "They instead should focus on improving public services and job creation in... Read more »