This week I was delighted to see the announcement that we will get an extra 21,000 mental health professionals in the UK. It is part of a drive to ensure mental and physical illnesses are treated with parity and to better integrate treatment. The £1.3 billion investment will also help retain staff and attract new people to the sector. We will see an extra... Read more »

Mark Menzies MP welcomes extra funding for 21,000 extra mental health workers

Mark Menzies MP has welcomed the announcement of 21,000 new mental health workers in England. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt revealed the plan to recruit the staff to properly integrate mental and physical health services. Mr Menzies said: "I'm delighted we are investing an extra £1.3 billion with the aim of treating an extra one million people by 2021. "This is one of the biggest expansions of mental health services across Europe. "We will ensure people with mental health difficulties have access to services locally, taking pressure off our 999 services... Read more »


I am delighted to see the Government is to take action to prevent developers selling off the leaseholds to homes once construction work is complete. This is a veritable cash cow, allowing developers to profit not just from homes, but from the leasehold as well. And it is the residents who have to pay on both occasions. Many residents from across rural and urban areas of Fylde have contacted me to raise the issue after seeing their leasehold payments double, triple, or even worse, with financial organisations buying... Read more »


As soon as I heard about the loss of water in parts of the constituency on Sunday – something which I personally experienced -  I called United Utilities chief executive Steve Mogford to ascertain the cause of the disruption, and what measures needed to be put in place to ensure we all had access to clean drinking water. While a lot of progress has been made in recent years, we agreed that much more... Read more »

Mark Menzies: ‘United Utilities must do more to protect vulnerable’

Fylde MP Mark Menzies has called on United Utilities to do more to protect vulnerable constituents, following a temporary loss of water supply in the constituency. Mr Menzies spoke to United Utilities chief executive Steve Mogford following the burst water main incident in Fylde on Sunday, which affected three postcode areas. Engineers checked some 15km of pipeline to locate the issue and repair it. Mr Menzies said: “One of the key things that came from the conversation is an acceptance that much more needs to be done to... Read more »