This week Parliament has been given a clear instruction by the British people that we must work to take this country out of the European Union. There is no question in my mind that this is the most seismic event in post-war British politics and all of us must now rise to the challenge that has been set. On Monday, David Cameron addressed the House of Commons to outline the Government’s ‘Brexit’ strategy in the immediate term. While key decisions will be put off until a new Prime... Read more »

Fylde MP visits innovative dementia care project in St Annes

Mark Menzies MP visited an innovative project in St Annes as part of his ambition to make Fylde a beacon for dementia care.

The Member of Parliament stopped by the home of Barry and Linda Newton, which is currently being converted into a lifetime home to help Barry manage his dementia.

Barry, a former chief police officer and senior Ministry of Defence worker, was diagnosed with early onset dementia two years ago, a diagnosis which had caused him to undertake a serious evaluation of what he and... Read more »


This week Britain will make one the most important decisions about our country we have had to make in a generation – whether to remain or leave the European Union. Putting this decision into the hands of the public was one of the Conservatives election promises and I voted with colleagues to give the electorate the chance to make this historic choice. As part of that process, the Prime Minister has also delivered on our manifesto pledge to attempt to renegotiate a better deal for Britain in... Read more »

Fylde MP praises Parliamentary unity during Jo Cox tributes

FYLDE MP Mark Menzies today paid tribute to the unity shown by cross-party colleagues after Parliament was recalled to pay tribute to MP Jo Cox, who was killed on Thursday. The session on Monday saw members from across the political spectrum gather in the chamber of the House of Commons to honour the Member of Parliament for Batley and Spen. Mr Menzies said the emotionally-charged meeting was sombre and respectful, but with a defiant edge from Parliamentarians, some of who spoke of the attack on Mrs Cox... Read more »


This week, a cloud of terror hangs over the world again following the tragic and senseless shootings at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida. This is an area many British tourists will know well, as it is visited each year by thousands of people for their holidays. We should be under no illusions that this was an utterly evil attack, for which Daesh has claimed responsibility, and was based on a twisted ideology which includes homophobia as a cornerstone of its warped views. I understand the Prime Minister has... Read more »