This week I raised a case in Parliament of a constituent who has been let down by the energy company which failed to carry out the required work to his central heating system after his boiler was upgraded under the Government’s affordable warmth scheme. This policy has been lauded by many people who have benefitted from a replacement or upgraded boiler but there has been no obligation for companies to upgrade the rest of the heating system to ensure it works with the improved boiler. This has... Read more »

Mark Menzies MP hails Lytham Brewery’s Parliament appearance

FYLDE MP Mark Menzies raised a glass after Lytham Brewery was chosen to provide a St Patrick’s Day tipple for Parliament’s famous Strangers’ Bar. The brewery has become renowned for producing high quality fare for lovers of real ale since it was established in 2007 at the Hastings club in Lytham town centre. And that reputation helped secure a guest spot in one of the House of Commons’ most exclusive watering holes, on the terrace alongside the river Thames. Mr Menzies, who is a member of the All-Party... Read more »

Mark Menzies MP announces Fylde Woman of the Year 2016

Mark Menzies MP saluted the achievements of women from across Fylde after announcing the results of his annual Woman of the Year event. The contest – which is organised by the Member of Parliament and Lytham businesswoman Katie Fieldhouse, in conjunction with the Lytham St Annes Express – saw an extremely high calibre of women nominated this year, who have all gone that extra mile for their communities. This year's winner – Pam Young – is renowned across Fylde for her work with disabled children and adults,... Read more »


THIS week has been one which I have looked forward to with great anticipation as I was proud to announce the winner of Fylde Woman of the Year 2016. This was the second year I have held this event and I received an even larger number of worthy nominations this time around. During the awards lunch on Sunday, I was able to go around all the tables and speak to those who had been nominated and hear some of their remarkable stories. It was a privilege to be... Read more »

MP Mark Menzies praises latest budget

FYLDE MP Mark Menzies welcomed a budget “for the next generation” after the Chancellor of the Exchequer made his annual financial statement in Parliament. Mr Menzies said he had expected an austere budget due to the unpredictability of global markets, but was pleased to see the Chancellor introduce new benefits for small businesses and savers. He added: “We have worked hard to pull Britain out of a serious economic predicament and now is not the time to be taking risks with our financial security. “Experts say our economy... Read more »