Fylde MP visits dementia information bus

MARK Menzies MP outlined his vision for Fylde to become a beacon for dementia care during a visit to an Alzheimer’s Society information bus in Lytham. While on the bus, the Member of Parliament spoke to staff and members of the public about his healthcare ambitions and commended the work of employees and volunteers from the society. The information bus is designed to provide a facility where people can go and speak to trained advisors if they have any questions about dementia but may not have known... Read more »


This week I was disappointed to read that iron and steelmaking at Sahaviriya Steel Industries UK’s Redcar plant in the north-east of England is to be mothballed, with the loss of 1,700 jobs. This is obviously extremely sad news for the workforce and their families and is further proof that major industries can be catastrophically affected by market forces. That is why it is vital that no area is too reliant on a single major employer and why I fought for the creation of an enterprise zone... Read more »

Mark Menzies MP: Become a Dementia Friend for World Alzheimer’s Day

This Monday was World Alzheimer’s Day and regular readers will know of my desire to see Fylde become a beacon for the care and treatment of those with dementia. I regularly speak on this issue in Parliament and have pushed for increasing amounts of money to be spent to ensure sufferers and their families have the best possible services locally, and across the country. Last year I hosted a Dementia Friends event in Fylde and invited a number of local businesses and public sector organisations to send... Read more »


Last Friday I remained in Westminster to attend the debate and vote on the Assisted Dying Bill. Clearly this is a very sensitive issue for many, especially terminally ill patients and their families. These cases are truly moving and evoke the highest degree of sympathy and emotion. I was touched to receive so many impassioned letters prior to the vote. I accept that there are imperfections and problems with the current law, but I think that these can be dealt with sensitively and sensibly without having... Read more »


This week Parliament has returned and the first piece of business centred around the unfolding refugee crisis affecting Europe. I believe we have a moral responsibility to help those displaced by the horrendous situation in Syria, and have been pleased to read all the letters sent to me by Fylde residents echoing those sentiments. The Prime Minister has said the UK will accept up to 20,000 people from camps around Syria by 2020, with priority to be given to vulnerable children. Hopefully, by taking people from those camps,... Read more »