I was delighted this week to once again ask a question at Prime Minister’s Question Time.

There are some 1,200 workers at the Springfields site in Fylde who rely on the nuclear industry to sustain their jobs.

So I pressed the Government on the need to support the industry and the site with new nuclear projects.

I asked for the Government to ensure that Springfields can supply fuel to the Moorside Nuclear Power Station in Cumbria, where there is a proposal to build three new AP1000 reactors.

Such a move would secure the jobs at the Fylde site for a generation.

This week, I also set my sights on Virgin Rail for an unfair pricing policy which means Fylde residents have to pay far more for their travel to London than those further up the train line in Lancaster.

It is ridiculous that someone booking a train from Preston to the capital in peak time is asked for £145, yet someone boarding the exact same train in Lancaster, some 20 miles further away, can travel for £46.60.

This is because Lancaster has no peak hours’ travel; Virgin Trains say this is due to most people from Lancaster being ‘leisure’ users, while most from Preston travel for business reasons.

This is no reason to fleece those starting and ending their journeys at Preston with disproportionately-high fares.

I was contacted by a constituent after he bought the Lancaster ticket, and boarded at Preston, taking the same seat. He was forced to pay more than £170 and was accused of fraud by the train manager, despite using less of the service he had paid for.

As a member of the Transport Select Committee, I will not stand by and let my hard-working constituents be ripped off in this manner. It is blatant profiteering from Virgin Rail.

I am meeting representatives from the company and I will be taking it up with ministers.

The deadline for the consultation into A Level provision at Lytham St Annes High School, provided at Lytham Sixth Form College, is fast approaching.

It is vital all parents and young people approaching their A Levels take part, to let the authorities know the level of demand there is in the area for the courses.

The school has funding issues which I have raised with ministers, and a new funding formula has made some new monies available, but it is vital as many people as possible take part in the consultation as is possible.


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