Batting for better Ashes coverage

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MARK Menzies has quizzed the Department for Culture, Media and Sport on the future of the Ashes on TV.

Following the storming success of England’s cricketers down under, Mr Menzies believes as many people as possible should be able to watch future victories over the Aussies.

So, following calls for the Ashes to be made a protected event like the World Cup which has to be on one of the five main channels, Mr Menzies has now tabled a parliamentary question asking for an update on progress.

The answer, from culture minister Ed Vaizey, said a decision had been deferred until 2013 while they consider the fairest way to do things.

Mr Menzies said: “Firstly let me say this is not about the quality of coverage.

“Sky Sports coverage is clearly first class as is the BBC radio coverage on Test Match Special.

“I know a lot of people fell asleep listening to the dulcet tones of Geoffrey Boycott this winter.

“However, I know it must have been hugely frustrating for people to have to wait until 10pm the next day for the highlights.

“By raising this subject I was keen to stress the desire people have to see the Ashes, at least in some form, be it extended highlights soon after the day’s play has finished or full coverage.

“I know the Government will be listening to people’s views and I hope when the decision is made we will see even better coverage for the maximum audience.”

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