Fylde MP Mark Menzies calls for Kirkham Prison support

Fylde MP Mark Menzies took part in a Government debate on prisons to ask for support for Kirkham Prison.
He attended the Justice questions session after meeting with Kirkham Prison leaders last month.
He asked: “As my hon. Friend the Minister is aware, Kirkham prison is a category D open prison in my constituency that works to enable prisoners to make the transition to life outside.
“What steps are the Government are taking to support Kirkham and other prisons to rehabilitate offenders, and to improve prisons’ ways of operating?”
Minister Sam Gyimah, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice, told him: “In prisons across the estate, including Kirkham, we are empowering governors by giving them control over their budgets and holding them accountable for training and education outcomes so that we enable them to deliver rehabilitation.”
Mr Menzies met the team at Kirkham Prison following a number of absconds from the facility.
Following the meeting, he said: “I am always interested to see the schemes in place to help prisoners who are reaching the end of their sentences to integrate back into society.
“I was pleased to hear about the work to reduce the number of absconds from the prison. And to hear that anyone caught after absconding is not allowed to return to an open prison facility.”

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