Fylde MP Mark Menzies’ delight as constituency roadworks are postponed


Peel Road. Image: GOOGLE

A year-long closure of a major route out of Lytham has been postponed until the completion of a vital motorway link road project.

Fylde MP Mark Menzies wrote to Lancashire County Council earlier this year to ask the closure of Peel Road be put back until after the M55 link road is completed.

The road was set to be closed from April 2 for a bridge replacement scheme, over a small culvert.

In July, Mr Menzies wrote to Lancashire County Council: “Work to repair this road is most welcome – but I write to request that it be delayed until such a time the new North Houses Lane M55 link road is opened.

“At present, due to the prolonged closure of North Houses Lane, traffic from Lytham is forced through St Annes to use Queensway, or through Lytham to use Peel Road, to get to the M55 and vice versa.

“Both routes are incredibly congested, with drivers facing delays of more than an hour on busy days on Queensway, and long delays on Peel Road.”

“My concern is that the closure of Peel Road now will lead to even further traffic chaos on Queensway.

“This would be seriously damaging to the economy of the local area. Visitors who struggle to get into Lytham and St Annes, or who struggle to leave, will not return.

“Residents, already incredibly frustrated by the loss of North Houses Lane, are incredulous at the proposed closure of Peel Road. I would ask that the county’s most welcome repairs to Peel Road are put back until such a time the new M55 link road is opened.”

Mr Menzies wrote again to ask the authority what was happening with the road last month.

Phil Durnell, head of highways, replied: “Officers also shared your concerns and whilst the Peel Road Bridge repair works were in the capital programme for the current financial year, it was determined in September that they were no going to be an immediate reality due to the impact to the highway network which you have detailed in your letter.

“Whilst the works are needed, bridge engineers will be monitoring the condition of the bridge and plan to schedule the works once the Kensington Development works are completed and we have clearer plan regarding the M55 link road works.

“Please be assured we are committed to coordinating works in the area to minimise disruption to the highway network.”

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