Fylde MP Mark Menzies praises community healthy heart project


Fylde MP Mark Menzies took part in a healthy heart day at AKS School.

Pupils, teachers, parents and members of the community were invited to learn how to carry out CPR, and how to clear a blockage from someone’s throat.

Mr Menzies said: “It was great to be invited to AKS to take part in the British Heart Foundation-backed Healthy Heart day.

“Every child at the junior school was given the opportunity to see and practice CPR, and teachers, parents and other members of the community were invited along as well, to make sure as many people as possible can help in a medical emergency.

“I practised CPR on a dummy and had a chat with many of the children also being taught these vital life-saving skills.”

Matron Helen Hotchkiss and members of the North West Ambulance Service were on hand to demonstrate a variety of techniques, including helping those choking.

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