Fylde MP Mark Menzies welcomes increasing nurse numbers

Fylde MP Mark Menzies has backed a new apprenticeship route into nursing – which will significantly increase the amount of nurse training.
Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced the historic 25 per cent increase in nurse training at the Conservative Party conference.
The NHS will need to cope with a million more over 75s over the next decade, along with a major expansion in mental health provision, which will need an increase in the number of qualified nurses.
Mr Menzies said: “We have more people living longer than ever before.
“And people in their later years often need more help from the NHS.
“So I welcome this move to train and recruit more nurses.
“And I welcome the decision to attract more nurses using an apprenticeship.
“We have seen the value in apprenticeships in many other industries, attracting young people who prefer training this way, as opposed to purely academic routes.
“I’m also delighted to see the development of a new scheme to give nurses a right to buy scheme on affordable homes which will be developed on surplus NHS land.”
Expanding nursing degree training places in higher education by 25 per cent will take undergraduate nurse training places from 20,680 in 2017-18 to 25,850 in 2018-19.
This goes further than the promise of an additional 10,000 places announced in 2015, delivering additional undergraduate nurse training places of up to 15,510 by the end of 2020-21.
There will also be a radical expansion in the nursing associate programme from 2,000 to 7,500 people annually.
For those Nursing Associates who wish to work on the job towards full Registered Nurse degree status, the Government will introduce a new higher apprenticeship route, with an estimate that 50 per cent of Nursing Associates will pursue this apprenticeship registered nurse training in the early years – delivering 640 in 2020, 1,600 in 2021 and 2,400 in 2022.
There will also be a newpackage for existing NHS staff so they can benefit from a new flexible working offer and a right to buy affordable homes developed on surplus NHS land.

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