Fylde MP pays tribute to emergency services following Westminster attack

Fylde MP Mark Menzies has paid tribute to emergency service workers, and those killed and injured in the attack on Westminster last week.

Mr Menzies was among hundreds of MPs making their way into the House of Commons to vote when the attacker struck.

He said: “It was a dreadful day in Westminster with the attack that left PC Keith Palmer and three innocent people dead.

“I was heading into the Chamber to vote when it happened. It was obvious something was going on but we initially thought it was protesters.

“It was only after I voted, and others were on their way through, that the announcement was made shots had been fired on the estate and we were locked down.”

Mr Menzies was locked in the Chamber with hundreds of other MPs and staff while security forces swept through the estate, desperate to find out if there was another attacker in the grounds.

He added: “All of us in Parliament owe a very great deal to the police and the emergency service who responded with such courage.

“We also have to remember the many people who suffered life-changing injuries in the terrible incident.

“I wish all those injured the very best in their recoveries.”

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