Mark meets staff at Lytham Insurance firm

FYLDE MP Mark Menzies has praised workers at Lytham-based insurance giant Aegon following a tour of their workplace.

Mr Menzies was keen to meet with staff and senior executives at Aegon as they prepare for a consultation process over the refocusing of their business.

It is possible that some jobs could go as part of the process with the company looking to cut costs by around 25 per cent.

Despite the uncertainty though, Mr Menzies said he was impressed by the positive attitudes of the workforce.

“It was a pleasure to meet so many hard-working and friendly people,” Mr Menzies said.

 “I was hugely impressed with the high lengths of service among members of staff, some of whom had been working at Aegon for almost 40 years.

“That is both testament to the company and the workers themselves for the way they operate together as a team.

“I understand people will be concerned about their futures and I tried to reassure them I would do everything I can to help.

“My dialogue with the company will certainly continue and I promise I will be arguing the case for Lytham’s workforce.”

During the meeting on Friday Mr Menzies toured all departments at the Lytham site meeting workers and union members.

He was also given a briefing by Aegon’s Director of Customer Services, Simon Skinner, Michael Baker, Head of Lytham Customer Service and Janet Benson, Head of Employee Relations Policy & HR Strategy as well as Francis McGee, Head of Corporate Affairs.

They briefed him on Aegon’s new strategy to focus on the at retirement and workplace savings markets as well as the history and current state of the business.

Mr Menzies asked the group, when carrying out their consultation with workers, to bear in mind the effect job losses can have on the local economy as well as individuals and families.

After the impressive tour, he urged the company to do everything they could to secure the future growth of the Lytham site.

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