Mark Menzies launches campaign for Fylde seat

Clifton Square

Mark Menzies has launched his campaign as the Conservative candidate for Fylde.

Mr Menzies, who has served the area as an MP for the past seven years, was reselected by the party to fight for the seat once again.

He was joined by party colleagues in Clifton Square in Lytham to launch his campaign.

He said: “I am proud to live in Fylde and would be prouder still to represent the area once again.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed being MP for Fylde. One of the most satisfying and enjoyable aspects of my work as Fylde MP was casework.

“Nothing has given me more pleasure than taking on issues on behalf of constituents. I have helped thousands of residents during the past seven years with issues including education, social care, health and environmental issues.

“I have helped secure funding for organisations across Fylde and have enjoyed meeting dedicated volunteers, workers and professionals.

“I want to continue that work, and look forward to fighting for the residents of Fylde once again.”

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